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2019 Calendar - Some Highlights

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Samba Dance "Pre Parade Season" Starts in the American Riviera!

Mark your calendars, Samba Season starts in SB on January 14! Join the fun, sensuality and art of Samba dancing.

Please choose from Samba 1 and Samba 2 level accordingly to your level (Level 2 is fast) and also join the very raved Technique class. Most dancers join Samba Level 1 OR 2 + the Technique class for better retention and understanding of this beautiful art form. In addition: These classes are highly recommended for those who want to be part of the Solstice Parade 2019 with the Hip Brazil Ensemble 2019. The goal is prepare early all dancers in body, mind and soul for the event. Samba may look easy but, like all dance forms, dedication is a must. Those who start early find more confidence in performing. The classes are part of the in-studio extension of the Samba Dance Academy. Please click here to register.

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