Stepping into the Light!

"Don't you know yet? It is your light that lights the Worlds!"   ~ Rumi

I am super excited to announce the new season of performance classes open for all levels as part of the in-studio version of Samba Dance Academy Program.

The dances will be staged and you will participate in a special event/production on Friday, November 10 at the newly extended Carr Winery (see below!) and, if you choose to join, we will continue to work on the pieces for a even bigger Spring concert. This will be an amazing Brazilian Samba Showcase bringing together the Samba Dance Academy and Guest Artists for an unforgettable performance night.

 Are you are ready to take your Performance Skills to the next level?  Hurry up and get your "bumbum" in the Samba studio with me!

Important: Sign-ups are on a first come, first served basis as there are limited spots available due to studio and performance space restrictions! Please make sure you read and understand everything before signing up. There will be no refunds in case you sign up and decide not to participate. Please contact me privately if you have any questions, and to reserve your spot, scroll down to the Workshop for the paypal button.

 I will love to have YOU performing with us if you feel like joining this performing season.

Woohoo, It starts soon!!!!


Workshop Details

Starts on Monday, September 18th

Where: Classes held at Adderley School of Performing Arts located at 316 State Street, Ste A

What:  Workshop/ Rehearsals for Samba Dance Academy. Showcase ( Performance is November 10). There will be two dance pieces that we will be working on.

                Note: Different dancers will dance different parts in the choreography!                                                               (Dance Company Style). 

When:  Classes are Every Monday,  September 18 to November 6 from 6:30 to 8:30. They are mandatory classes for performance. NO missing classes allowed.                                    (Please see other Mandatory dates below for performance). 

Price: $235 for 8 weeks rehearsal plus performance. Space will be on a first come, first served basis.  Last performance workshop we SOLD OUT. Make sure to make reservations.

* This is for the first round of event at Carr Winery. In 2018, we'll go back to the studio for another round of 8 weeks to prepare a Spring Event. The choreography will evolve and get better and we will performer in a different space. 

Reserve your Spot Today by Clicking  Button Below!

Note: Limited spots available due to studio and performance space restrictions! First come, first served. Please make sure you read everything before signing up. There are no refunds in case you sign up and decided not to participate. If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

Performance Details


The Showcase will be November 10 at the newly expanded Carr Winery from 7 to 10pm. There is a "possible" performance of the same danceworks at a Spring 2018 party (date TBD) in another location (for those that continue with the classes and part of the Academy).

* Other Mandatory Dates:  The mandatory Dress rehearsal is Wednesday, November 8, after 6pm (so please reserve the date). There will be also a stage rehearsal (date TBD).

Costumes:  SAMBA inspired costumes. Lots of shine and sparkles. You will create/buy your own costumes based on some established guidelines of what fits for the group in terms of color, style etc... All costumes must be approved by Vanessa in order to maintain artistic vision and uniformity. 

Note the Carr winery has expanded and now has a patio, fitting 100 MORE people than last year. We want to sell out again.



More information about the event! 

IMPORTANT: To perform, you must attend ALL weekly dance classes without exception and the mandatory dress and stage rehearsals. I expect full dedication from all dancers to learn the dances. There will be no refunds in case you sign up for workshops and decide not to participate.

This performing series is part of the Samba Dance Academy created by Vanessa Isaac.  Vanessa reserves the right to photograph and video all classes, rehearsals and performances and share them publicly on her websites. 

Other soloists, professional dancers and groups will be performing that same night too.  

 There will be a ticket charge at the door for non-performers/ audience. All performers will get free entrance to the event, of course!

I ask you to join only if you can dedicate the time to learn and showcase the dance. I want to create a professional show for all to enjoy. It will be so great to work hard to make something beautiful for ourselves and the audience. The party and show will be FUN, exciting and of course the "icing on the cake" for all of us to showcase what it takes to "be a dancer". Physically, mentally and emotionally we must be able to be dedicated, strong, happy and to share from that place... the place of love and beauty! I can't wait to see you performing! I will be thrilled and honored if you decide to participate and dance with us!



"I have never in my life experienced the kind of freedom, confidence and joy that I feel with Vanessa. To have a teacher so grounded, creative and inspiring has truly been a gift."

~Helina Shaka


Carr Winery

Carr Winery has expanded and now fits 100 more people (than our last performance there), making it a perfect location for us to hold our first Samba Dance Academy Showcase. Our audience can enjoy a glass of wine, hear some Brazilian beats, enjoy Brazilian food, and watch the performance and dance by the end of the night...

It is a relaxed, elegant and hip place at the same time. Perfect for a Fall Showcase!
Carr Winery's new patio!

Carr Winery's new patio!