Samba - 2018 Winter Season (January/February)

It's time for preparation and for kicking our Samba skills to a higher level! This season I am offering two levels for Samba. Please make sure you choose your level accordingly  and read the description before signing up. 

Level 1

Tuesdays at 6:00 to 7:00 pm at Brasil Arts Cafe

I am so excited about this workshop. Here, I will introduced you to the most important step in Samba Dancing, samba-no-pé and we will break down it slowly for you, so you get a feel and a better understanding of the of this beautiful and sensual dancing style. Plus, we will work on drills and choreography. We will build this class in a way you feel your progress each week.

This level is open to all level of dancers but is specially suited to dancers who are just starting in samba, have less than two years of Samba dancing and/or get choreography slowly.

The choreography will be taught to slower tempo and to Sambas and beautiful Bossa Nova music in this class. This is a great class for those who prefer a slower paced class and a less intense type of samba. 

This workshop is also great for Veteran dancers who would love to brush off their technique. If you are a veteran who want to take this class in addition to our intermediary class you are welcome and encouraged but remember I will take this class slower to a more basic level. 

Samba, Level 1 Information: 

What:  Samba Workshop (Level 1)

Where: Brasil Arts Cafe

When: January 9 to February 27 (8 weeks) from 6 to 7pm

Cost:  $200 if paid by January 3 for the season (two months) or $215 on January 4 and after (if any space left).

IMPORTANT: No refunds to workshops by any reason.



Level 2 (Intermediate)

Tuesdays at 7:15 to 8:15pm at Brasil Arts Cafe

A class designed for more advanced students who are ready to go to the next level. On Level 2, class pace will be a bit more intense, and we expect you to already know how to perform the Samba-no-pé (basic samba step) step slow and fast.  Choreographic pace will be faster here. 

Please note: We will not go back teaching the basic samba step at this level. This class is for those ready to advance. I will be sincere, if you can't do this class I will ask you to change to the beginning class to get the skills first.  I want everyone to advance fast on both levels.

Class focus: Samba choreography, more advanced routines and patters and performance skills. * Veteran are advised and encouraged to do both classes for a discounted price if desired (see below). 

Samba, Level 2 Information:

What:  Samba Workshop (Intermediary, Level 2)

Where: Brasil Arts Cafe

When: January 9 to February 27 (8 weeks) from 7:15 to 8:15 pm

Cost: $200 for the season (two months) or $215 on January 4 and after (if any space left).

Important: No refunds to workshops by any reason.

Take Both Levels of Samba & Save 25%

$300 for both class if paid by January 3 and $350 after (January 4 and after)

Please Note: (Option for Veteran Samba Dancers Only Please)

No refunds to workshops by any reason. Please make sure you really want to take workshops before signing for classes.

Reserve your Spot today! The last Samba workshop sold out fast, space is limited!

Please play video above to see a sample of our classes.

You know, we love our hips, our bum, our bumbum here at the Samba Dance Academy. Samba teaches self love, appreciation and how good it feels to not have to "hide" our butt or conceal it even in movement... how good it feels to express our femininity!

This Workshop is for you if you: 

Love to dance, or you want to learn how to dance, or are already a dancer
• Love joyful rhythms and music and would love to learn and practice the beautiful and sensual SAMBA, Rio de Janeiro Style.
• Love to feel expressive and want to feel the power and sensuality of your own body.
Want to have fun!

* For more information on Vanessa Isaac's work and bio go here                      

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