Samba Dance Academy in the American Riviera is the live, in studio extension of the Online Samba Dance AcademyHere dancers get to experience and learn Samba in the studio under the guidance of Vanessa Isaac and incredibly accomplished guest artists from all over the world. We are launching our first season and you don't want to miss learning from those exceptional guests. Classes sponsored by and held at Brasil Arts Cafe (Home of delicious Brazilian food!) 

Check below the dates and make your reservation today, space is limited. We hope to dance with you very soon!

For those out of town you can still dance with us. Please go to our Samba Dance Academy ONLINE by going here

* Below are our in studio workshops only.

Registrations Open for our Upcoming Dance Workshops!
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Contemporary Afro Brazilian + Samba Fusion Season (January)

Get ready for your BEST YEAR yet!

Due to many requests we are having this four weeks dance series based on my classic Sunday classes, designed to move and work every once of your body, tone, challenge and shed Holidays pounds.

This series will fuse several Brazilian dances (Afro Brazilian, Samba, Samba Reggae, Axé and Contemporary) in my unique signature style.

This is a super special class where art, culture and physicality meets with a sense of divine joy. This is a fabulous workout and perfect for January!

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Strictly Samba Workshop                 (January-February)

Shinning Bright!

Samba is joyful, cultural, artistic, sexy and a great workout. Join us and learn new samba move & choreography and have fun. This season I am offering two levels for Samba. Please make sure you choose your level accordingly  and read the description before signing up.  

This Workshop is for you if you: 

 Love to dance, or you want to learn how to dance, or are already a dancer
• Love joyful rhythms and music and would love to learn and practice the beautiful and sensual SAMBARio de Janeiro Style.
• Love to feel expressive and want to feel the power and sensuality of your own body.
• Want to have fun!

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A Weekend Getaway: Beauty & Samba in Santa Barbara

About Santa Barbara:  California’s Santa Barbara is often called The American Riviera. "You only need to see the blue sea beach, or the red-tiled roofed whitewashed buildings with their dramatic backdrop of mountains, to understand why. But the resemblance is more than just the sea and the mountains. As in Cannes and Antibes, San Remo and Portofino, Santa Barbara also has legions of restaurants that wind their way down to the seaside, laidback beach vibes, an active lifestyle, a love for the outdoors and great year-round weather." Plus lots of SAMBA. 

Santa Barbara is home base for the Samba Dance Academy founded by Brasilian Dancer Vanessa Isaac. For fifteen years Vanessa was the director of the Samba Ensemble for the Summer Solstice Parade which draws one hundred thousand spectators . A favorite for parade goers, her group was called the best Dance Ensemble by the Santa Barbara Independent and the Santa Barbara News Press. Her group gave birth to a legion of other dance groups in town and all over USA, inspired by her group and choreographic style.

For more than 20 years Vanessa has worked together with many organizations globally to promote Brazilian Culture. Vanessa Isaac has been nominated by the International Press in the dance category for her work in Brazilian Dance Internationally. We are confident you will love to dance and learn in this beautiful city. Join us in the American Riviera today!


Passed Day Workshops at the Samba Dance Academy

Passed Day Workshops at the Samba Dance Academy

We Can't wait to SAMBA with you!

Please check back soon. We will be announcing upcoming classes soon!

Sponsored by Brasil Arts Cafe


Brasil Arts Cafe offers the perfect blend of traditional Brazilian fare & one-of-a-kind AçaiJuice, and Smoothie creations.

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