"I have never in my life experienced the kind of freedom, confidence and joy that I have feel dancing with Vanessa. To have a teacher so grounded, creative, and inspiring has truly been a gift. (Vanessa) you give so much to all of us, and for that I want to say thank you, thank you, and thank you."
Helina Shaka, Dancer


“Not only she explains and helps you think through the choreography and really connect your mind and your body… but she makes you feel sexy, you are having fun and she has the best music” 
Anastasia Smith, Dancer


“The most difficult part about moving away was leaving Vanessa… and her classes.  I quickly realized how my body had been benefiting all those years from her rigorous warm-up routine founded in modern Brazilian technique and how much I’d taken it for granted.  It is a rare teacher or dancer who manages to strike this subtle balance of classical regimen, roots movement, and personal interpretation that Vanessa brings to her classes and to the stage… Mornings were always filled with a thrilling excitement as I headed off to see what creative tidbits she’d bring to the studio that day and how tightly woven to the music her movement would be.”

Clarissa Anderson, Dancer

"Vanessa brought sensuality into my life...I feel lighter. I feel stronger. I feel that I am more in my truth and my power….”  
Lisa Beck, Dancer & Creator of Lisa Beck Living

“My name is Rachel…and I am an addict to her videos. She (Vanessa) is an AMAZING and cheerfully spunky! Her attitude is infectious, and I like her integrative BODY-MIND-SOUL perspective. Absolutely fantastic. I want more!”
Rachel, Dancer

"I used to call Vanessa's Sunday morning dance class "my church". Every Sunday for two hours it was my chance to reset from the week and connect to my body. No matter how sleepy or busy I was, I felt better after class. Dancing samba makes me feel energized, fluid and sexy. It is both an intense cardio workout and a way to shake off any bad feelings... shake them off through your hips of course. 
I love how I feel when I am decorated in my samba costume and dancing the routine exactly as we practiced. It is like a workout for your body and mind and impossible to do with out a big smile on your face."
Nieve Tierney, Dancer

"You just flow the entire time!"
Leida Tolentino, Dancer

“I love Vanessa Isaac’s style and personality. She’s really easy to follow and learn from. I noticed a difference in my body within a couple of days! My stomach started firming up, my legs got in great shape, and I started getting compliments within a month that I was looking thin! You can’t beat that. I love this... and you will too!”
 Janel, Dancer

All of us have a passion and for many of us, it takes only a moment of clarity to know what will drive our spirit to that place of perfect alignment and joy. For me, it took at least twenty eight years but I found where my heart sings...in Vanessa Isaac's dance classes. I know if I make it to her class, I will realize that I am in perfect flow. I am essentially in my "happy place." I am forever changed by my discovery of Vanessa's dance classes and to find the passion at this mid point in my life, I feel is such a gift.  I am truly grateful that I have found renewed courage and confidence and my body has gained so much strength and rhythm, all because of the sweet encouragement and interest that Vanessa shows for all of her dancers.  I am proud to call myself a dancer because deep down, I have always wanted to be...this is where my spirit tells me, I am in the right place.”

Vicki Klossner Ehler, Dancer