February 2 is Yemanjá day! From the Afro Brazilian traditions: Yemanjá is beautiful, strong and will protect until the very end, yet she is soft, subtle and nurturing. The Ocean is the great mother, abundance and life! Yemanjá is feminine principle of creation, being the ocean itself. Yemanja gives us vision, inspiration and the ability to flow smoothly through life’s torrential times.

According to legend, Yemanjá's first gift to humans was a sea shell in which her voice could always be heard. We honor her when we hold a shell to our ear in order to hear her voice and care for the sea. Wishes can be made to her and then cast out into the sea through the power of our intention with the white flowers we bring to Yemanjá.

The water element so important to all of us. We know, we are mostly water (after space, of course). Water holds our memory. Water also relates to our sacral chakra and is associated with movement, emotions and our creativity and sensuality in the yogic Chakra system. In Chinese Medicine the water element restores and rules the Kidney and Bladder organs.

In this workshop we will dance honoring Yemanjá and also Oxum (sweet waters/rivers) while allowing our bodies to renew and heal. Dancing moves will based on a series of original and traditional movements of Vanessa’s Contemporary Afro Brazilian Fusion Style.

Important: Please dress in light blue (light ocean-blue)  or white (light colors only if you don’t have white, please do not wear red or other strong colors). Bring a white rose/flower or a shell. Feel free to reflect about what water and the ocean means to you before coming to class. Bring a wish to Yemanjá’s in your heart (and a grateful heart).

Please Make Reservations below!


What: Yemanjá Dance Workshop, Celebration of Water Element with live music

Where: SB Dance Arts, 531 E. Cota Street

When:  February 9, 3 to 4:15pm

Cost:  $30 if paid by January 26 or $35 on or after January 27 (if any space left).

Please note: No refunds to workshops by any reason. Thanks for your understanding!