Sexy Samba Soul Show with Vanessa: Hollywood Director Paula Walker

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This is an interview with Hollywood Commercial/Film Director and friend Paula Walker in one more episode of our Sexy Samba Soul Show.  This interview is a great one for those who want to understand more the business in Hollywood, but there are some reflections for all of us who love DANCE.

"Samba Dance is the dance of Liberation"  Paula says

 Award-winning Director Paula Walker has worked extensively, aboard and in the US, putting her unique signature on numerous media ventures including commercials, documentary and short films. Her countless television campaigns include BMW, Mazda, Revlon, CoverGirl, Macy's, Bacardi, Maybelline, and L'Oreal. Partnering with award-winner director of photography Rolf Kestermann, Paula founded Strato Films, a commercial and music video production company.

Paula has also directed music videos for famous music artists such as Tracy Chapman, Tina Turner, Babyface, Dolly Parton, Lou Reed, Marc Anthony, Queen Latifah, Leonard Cohen and Carlos Santana. Paula received an International Monitor Award for Tina Turner’s video “Way of the world”

This is a very down to Earth interview with many insights and tips. I think you will love it!




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