Sexy Samba Soul™ Show First Season Coming Soon!


Today, I am thrilled to announce the first season of my new show Sexy, Samba, Soul™ . Soulful conversations with a Brazilian sensibility and style: dance inspiration, food, beauty & fashion tips for dancers and non-dancers.

Coming soon: Exclusive interviews with movers and shakers and creative minds. The first season comes exuding soulful sexiness:                                 

Makeup tips and a blog interview with celebrity makeup artist Agostina Lombardo (Vogue Magazine, celebrity stars such as Angelina Jolie and Hale Berry)   

An in-depth Samba dance conversation with Aninha Malandro (teacher, dancer, choreographer, co-creator of the International Samba Congress)                                      

Samba and gafieira fun with Rodrigo Marques (Seu Jorge, Diogo Nogueira, Carlinhos de Jesus choreographer and stage director. Creator of Gafieira Brasil and co-founder of the International Samba Congress)

Hollywood business tips for dancers and performers with film director Paula Walker (Los Angeles/Hollywood)

A special appearance by Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro (Royalty Samba musician. Mangueira Samba School)

Brazilian Style and Samba costumes with Maria Cristina Skowronski Flynn (Owner of Brazil Carnival Shop) and much more.....

Calling all dancers, Sambistas, lovers of beauty, health, art and culture!!!  You don't want to miss this show. Let's get our gold Samba shoes on.....

Please watch the video below to see preview!

Get on our Sexy Samba list and don't miss an episode.

Your body is smart. Your SOUL IS SEXY!

Warm Brazilian hugs!