Interview with Aninha Malandro. The Sexy Samba Show First Episode is Here!

As I promised here is my interview with dancer, choreographer and educator Ana Laidley (aka Aninha Malandro) and the first episode of the Sexy Samba Soul Show. 

I should say that Aninha and I "sat down" for a interview in Los Angeles, but since both of us are dancers, the interview happened just before Aninha's weekly Sunday class and "standing up" in the parking lot behind the studio where she teaches her weekly Sunday class. We even danced together for a few seconds for my joy.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon in LA and I was so happy to see Aninha and talk with her about Samba, about her Mangueira Samba School roots (the most traditional Samba School in Rio) and to have the opportunity to hear her advice for all dancers, Sambistas and lovers of dance.

I first met Aninha fifteen years ago. Her energy and dedication to Samba is contagious. Aninha is also a psychologist. You can see how she understands dance from a very healing perspective. The healing effect of dance (As the integration of body, mind and soul) have been one of my lifelong interests and passions and one of the reasons that I teach and why I dance. 

So it was a joy to interview Aninha and have her as my first guest! Please watch below...


* Aninha teaches Samba in Los Angeles. Tuesdays 8pm and Sundays 3:00pm at the Brasil Brasil Cultural Center.


                     Come and Dance with us at the International Samba Congress! 

Aninha Malandro is also the co-founder of the first International Samba Congress that will happen in Los Angeles this coming May 19-21. I am delighted to let you know that I am part of this amazing faculty she has put together! (Read below about the samba discount for my dancers here).

I am truly honored to be among so many dancers from Brazil and all over the world teaching in the Congress. So many dancers and teachers I admire including Rosangela Silvestre, Rodrigo Marques and Aninha herself.


"The International Samba Congress will bring together over 30 Brazilian dance, music, cultural and history experts for a presentation unlike any other outside of Brazil. Join us as you expand your current knowledge, grow a deeper sense of connection to Brazilian culture, and experience the healing power of Samba!"

Classes in Samba-no-pé (Rio Style), Samba Choreography, Samba de Roda (Bahia), Samba de Gafieira (partner dance), for beginners to advanced levels, will be taught by an amazing group of instructors. Performances, lectures on the history of Samba, and Carnival in Brazil are scheduled... plus so much more. You don't want miss this world Samba event! 

NOTE: My Samba class is scheduled for Friday, May 19 at 5pm. I am just so excited to teach and I would love to have you there in the studio with me. If you are interested in going to the Samba Congress and to take my class, I am getting a group discount for my students for the full pass. But hurry up because we only have until the end of this coming week to apply for group discounts, and I only have 10 spots. E-mail me back so I can send you a link and info ASAP if you are interested. 

For those who just want to buy their individual passes please click here to use my link. I can't wait to dance with you!

Warm Brazilian Hugs,