Sexy Samba Soul Show with Vanessa: Brazilian Dance Teacher Dill Costa Interview

I want to invite you today to watch my interview with Brazilian Dancer and Teacher Dill Costa as part of our Sexy Samba Soul Show. Dill is a native of Brazil, an actress, singer and dancer. I am amazed by her energy and her spirit. During the International Congress we became friends and I noticed that she deeply cares about her students, both as dancers and human beings, and I am in love with her!

"Dance is not just about movement. It's about emotion too.... You cannot be just teachers and count 1, 2, 3 ,4..... It's not about that!"

I am honored to have her in the show. Please click on the video below to watch the entire interview. You will love her too! This is a special edition of the Sexy Samba Soul Show: The International Samba Congress Series.