"Never Quit on your Dreams!" Interview with Dancer Rodrigo Marques!

Hello beauties,

On this episode of our Sexy samba Soul Show, I have a Samba and Gafieira conversation with dancer and choreographer Rodrigo Marques. You gotta meet him, he is truly an inspiration! Marques is a dance teacher, dancer and choreographer. He is also the co-creator of the International Samba Congress in Los Angeles and Gafieira Brasil in Rio de Janeiro

Rodrigo Marques is the Artistic and Stage director for the Carlinhos de Jesus Dance Company (Cia Carlinhos de Jesus) Marques has also danced for Seu Jorge, Diogo Nogueira and More! This was truly a fabulous time and interview and I got to take my first steps in Gafieira with him right at beautiful Venice Beach.... I am a lucky girl! 


You will see also a special appearance by great musician Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro (He was there and his interview is coming soon too!)

I love that this show features music by the fabulous musical group "Grupo Falso Baiano". Featured Music: "Bunda Ginga" by Brian Moran with "Grupo Falso Baiano"Group's website: www.grupofalsobaiano.com Composer's website: www.brianmoranmusic.com                                  

Other tracks by www.bensound.com. 

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Please watch and let me know what you think!

Samba on....



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