It Starts with Baby Steps...

"All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous, unpremeditated act without benefit of experience." 
Henry Miller


I love this quote above because it reminds me that just like a baby learning to walk, we only can learn something by doing it. By trial and error. By taking a chance!

I don't know if you saw my website update and instagram post this week about the exciting news about Samba in Paris (France), Monte Carlo (Monte Carlo), Solstice Parade (Santa Barbara), California Brazil Camp (Santa Rosa) and other amazing chances that are coming my way to share what I love Internationally. Last year I was delighted to teach in Los Angeles at the International Samba Congress, Paris (2019 is my third year back) and Brussels (Belgium). Wow. I am saying this not to brag but because I feel humbled by all invitations. And you know me, I have been on a mission to make Samba more respected around the world.... Obstacles, failure and then..... It has been such a long journey and I want to celebrate all my artistic opportunities with YOU.

It makes me think.... we can't create the life we want by sitting on the sidelines (or anything in this world for that matter). We have to just go for it. We have a life to live! And sometimes we must start small. For me, the last few years have been one-tiny-baby-step at a time. Starting small....


"Starting small puts 100 percent of our energy on actually solving real problems for real people,"  wrote Derek Sivers. 

My motto (I read it somewhere years ago): If you want to be successful or you think you're on to something, you can start now with just 1 percent of what your ultimate vision is. Sure, it will be a humble version of the go-big-or-go-home project you have in mind, but at least you will be in the game. You will be in the game because you will have actually started and be DOING something - while the rest of the world quits before they are ahead (or never even begin in the first place).

It's like Samba really.... it is in the doing of it that we become better.

♥  My inspiration for you today is this one: Do you remember that dream of yours that you have been carrying for a while in your heart? I dare you: Start today! 

Baby steps.... Go AHEAD... make it happen!