Celebrating Yemanjá and The Ocean Interview Series: The Water Element in Chinese Medicine

In this Sexy Samba Soul Show interview below I talk with my friend Kaita Mrazek.

Kaita is a dancer, yoga teacher and Co-Founder of the Ghost Flower Brand.

Ghost Flower is an activewear line of clothes that draws inspiration from Chinese Medicine and its Elements. Here Kaita gives us some tips about how to balance the water energy in our body. I loved interviewing and playing with her by the Ocean, with Yemanjá!

From the Afro Brazilian traditions: Yemanjá is beautiful, strong and will protect until the very end, yet she is soft, subtle and nurturing. The Ocean is the great mother, abundance and life! Yemanjá is feminine principle of creation, being the ocean itself. Yemanja gives us vision, inspiration and the ability to flow smoothly through life’s torrential times.

The water element so important to all of us.... We know, we are mostly water (after space, of course). Water holds our memory. Water also relates to our sacral chakra and is associated with movement, emotions and our creativity and sensuality in the yogic Chakra system. In Chinese Medicine the water element restores and rules the Kidney and Bladder organs

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More information on Kaita’s work and Ghost Flower Brand please go to please click here and stay tuned for some exclusive discount I wil be sharing or their awesome active wear.

Music on this interview: Turquesa by Vanessa Isaac, arranged by Randy Tico on the Hip Brazil Grooves album available here