Fashion, Samba Costumes and Shoes, Vanessa Interview with Maria Cristina Skowronski Flynn

On a beautiful but cold morning I went to Napa Valley not to talk wine but, ironically, to talk Samba fashion, culture and of course Samba costumes....Ok, I confess, I happily had a "few" glasses of wine too.

My guest, Maria Cristina Skowronski Flynn and her beautiful daughter Maria Luiza received me for an interview in their home. They were both very gracious and welcoming hosts as we filmed this episode of Sexy Samba Soul™. Luiza even modeled a pair of shoes for us. Thank you beautiful Luiza!

Maria Cristina is a very dynamic woman and the founder of Brazil Carnival Shop Online ( She brings to the table, besides her "Brazilianness", a background in marketing and fashion (Yes, I mean she worked with Oscar de La Renta)!

As an artist I love the historic context of things and I truly appreciate when someone can give me cultural insights. As the interview progressed it was obvious that she shares this passion for culture with me. We talked about Brazil, Carnaval and Samba and she would always refer to the traditional framework of the styles and pieces. Even when we talked shoes she referenced it back to one of my idols- the great Carmen Miranda, since the professional Sambista shoes today are based on Miranda's famous platform style.

On this interview she shows us beautiful dresses and passistas (Samba dancers) pieces, Samba shoes to die for and Brazilian active wear to inspire us to hit the gym and the dance studio for classes.



I am delighted to share this episode of the Sexy Samba Soul™ show.  

Please enjoy, share and let me know how you like this latest episode of our show. I love hearing from you!